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Körperseife als Filzseife

Produktvorschau: Filzseifen

Filzseifen sind eine tolle Kombi aus Seife und Wolle und fühlen sich auf dem Körper wunderbar weich an. Sie haben einen leichten Peelingeffekt und regen die Durchblutung an.
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Haut-Schrubbel für Schrunden

Haut-Schrubbel für die Füße

Ein Hingucker im Bad, der wertvolle Dienste leistet. Der Haut-Schrubbel bereitet die Haut so vor, dass die Wirkstoffe tief eindringen und ihre Wirkung optimal entfalten können.
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Fermentierter Saft

Product preview:Sagitta Pur Ferment Juice

Only if the intestinal flora is in a healthy balance can the metabolic processes in the intestine run smoothly and strengthen the immune system.
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Sagitta Körperseife Winteredition

Product preview:Sagitta Body Soap Winter Edition

Our limited winter edition contains a hand-boiled body soap with avocado oil from the Canary Island of La Palma, which entices with the scent of lemongrass.
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Stabile Preise bei Sagittamed

Prices will remain stable in 2022

With us there are no price increases until the end of the year, so you can do your Christmas shopping for yourself and your loved ones in our shop at the old prices.
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Demnächst neue Deo-Tiegel

New deodorant jars coming soon

New jar, old price:Our Sagitta probiotic deodorant without aluminum will soon be presented in a new"guise". But apart from the design, nothing has changed about our popular deodorant.
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Sagitta Handseife 1911 in Manufactum

Sagitta Hand Soap 1911 available from Manufactum

Manufactum discovered Sagitta and wants our products for its department store of good things. The Sagitta hand soap is therefore now also available from Manufactum.
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Produktvorschau: Handtaschen-Probiotikum

Product preview:Handbag Probiotic

Sagitta Pur Family 4+ strengthens the immune system and promotes a healthy intestinal flora. Organic, vegan, gluten- and lactose-free and recommended from the age of 4.
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Deo ohne Aluminium

Our aluminum-free deodorant is a favorite in"Vogue"

For three years now, our probiotic deodorant without aluminum has been one of the absolute favorites in the in-house tests of the magazine"Vogue".

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Lippenbalsam von Sagitta

Product preview:Lip Balm

A lip balm as Sabine imagines it:it should make lips naturally beautiful without having to constantly reapply cream. The ingredients should be edible and the whole thing as a circular product. Voilà, available in our shop from September.

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Verzicht auf Titanweiß

No titanium white

Titanium dioxide has been banned in food since August 1, 2022. Sagitta plays it safe and does without the additive titanium white in the prebiotic body soap.
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