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period pants

Muse makes even tough days easier.

FAQ period underwear

Period underwear looks like normal underwear, but is leak-proof and absorbs menstrual blood during your period. It consists of four layers, the second of which consists of an antibacterial layer. It can catch the blood from two to three tampons and seal it securely so that there are no odors. This way you always feel clean and dry and your clothes stay stain-free. Make sure that your period panties have an antibacterial layer without biocides and silver, because both can cause allergies and negatively affect the natural skin flora.

A good period panty should feel like your comfortable favorite panty. Compared to pads there is no slipping or crackling and also no leakage. The period panties differ in terms of material depending on the manufacturer.
The MUSE period panties are mainly made of cotton and bamboo without any addition of silver, zinc or biocides. They are extremely thin and due to the soft, elastic fit they fit perfectly to your silhouette. They are also vegan, without animal wool, and are produced sustainably

A period panty absorbs as much blood as two to three tampons. The heavier your period, the more frequently you should change your period panties. Especially on the last days of the period there are often only a few drops of blood and it is annoying that you still have to protect your clothes from stains. Period panties are an ideal remedy here, because they are as comfortable as normal underwear and reliably protect your clothes from stains, even if you wear them all day long.

With regular use and good care, most period panties last two years, after which the antibacterial effect wears off. The MUSE period panties have an antibacterial layer without biocides and silver and last up to 4 years with good care.

Basically you can wear period underwear like any other underwear all day long. Period panties are a great alternative, especially when the period is over and there is only a little blood. In the case of heavy bleeding, a period panty is not enough for the whole day, because it can only trap about as much blood as two to three tampons. Depending on the intensity of the bleeding, the period panty must be changed once or several times a day.

Because period underwear replaces disposable items like pads and tampons, it eliminates a lot of waste. How sustainable it actually is depends on how the period underwear is made. Many period panties contain biocides, zinc or silver in the absorbent, antibacterial layer, which can have a negative effect on the skin flora and can also cause allergies.

The MUSE period panties for teenagers are soft, cuddly and
leakproof. They are mostly made of cotton and bamboo without
any addition of silver, zinc or biocides. The production is vegan and sustainable.


MUSE period panties are as comfortable as your favorite panties and make them
difficult days easier, without tampons and disposable pads. In teenagers
Periods are often irregular at first. Bleeding occurs unexpectedly and
lead to insecurity. With the MUSE period panties you are on the safe side
side, because it looks like a regular pair of black panties and you can
move just as freely and carefree on the days of your period as you do
on all other days.

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