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  • body soap

  • What is body soap?

    In contrast to classic soap, body soap is not made on a lye basis. It contains similar ingredients to liquid shower gel, but does without harmful surfactants.

  • How to use body soap?

    Briefly foam up the body soap with water and rub the wet body with the bar of soap. Rinse off the soap foam as usual and allow the soap to dry well after use. A soap bag is ideal for this.

  • What is body soap made of?

    Our body soaps are made from natural ingredients. Due to the rich active ingredients, your skin feels wonderfully soft and cared for even without additional body lotion.

  • Probiotic deodorant

  • What is a probiotic deodorant?

    A probiotic deodorant contains living microorganisms that can help the fine underarm skin to regain its biological balance and neutralize odors.

  • How to use a probiotic cream deodorant?

    Apply a small amount to clean, dry skin and massage in over a large area. Then it spreads very thinly, cares for the skin and supports the good bacteria in their work..

  • What are probiotics?

    Probiotics are preparations that contain live microorganisms. They have been around for a long time as a food additive for a healthy intestinal flora, but they are still fairly new as an additive in skin care. But the mode of action is similar: added good bacteria can help to regenerate the skin flora.n.