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Gluten Bundle

About the right way to deal with gluten

The Gluten Bundle - bundled knowledge about dealing with gluten

18,00 €


  • If you notice one or more of the symptoms below, this gluten bundle could be of particular interest to you.

  • digestive problem

  • migraines/headaches

  • skin problems

  • Hashimoto

  • concentration problems

  • fatigue

  • gas

  • heartburn

16 lessons of condensed knowledge

  • 40 minutes of video footage

  • 9 PDFs with compressed knowledge

  • 3 interviews

  • 8 recipes

  • 7 tips for implementation

  • 1 instructions for self-check

  • 1 quiz

  • 1 digital goodie bag with discount codes

  • All content available for download

  • Healthy habits tips from Sabine

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