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New: Hippie Wash and Care Set

Neu: Hippie Wash and Care Set

Our new Sagitta and NKitH Hippie Wash and Care Set is original and useful. It consists of a hand-sewn washcloth from New Kids in the House and a Sagitta Hippie Balm, both made with attention to detail in Germany. Not only give the set as a gift, but also share interesting stories about how the washcloth is made and the various uses of the Hippie Balm.

But this set is also a real enhancement for your own bathroom. And the best part: you are contributing to environmental protection. The washcloth is made of 100% recycled cotton, rescued, cut, and sewn from industrial remnants by our partner New Kids in the House. The young label makes a strong statement against fast fashion madness by specializing in upcycling and transforming old fabrics into new, practical products. The recycled washcloths help reduce waste and conserve resources.

The Hippie Balm follows the motto "Less is more" and does not contain any preservatives. Therefore, it is microbiome-friendly. As a true multitasker, it protects and nourishes skin and hair in a natural way. With its pleasant rose scent and a slightly woody note, it leaves a soothing feeling. There are countless applications for the Hippie Balm, from daily body care to use as lip balm, makeup remover, hair mask, curl enhancer, and much more. You can find more application possibilities on the product page of the Hippie Balm.

The Hippie Wash and Care Set provides the basic equipment for washing and caring, relying on the power of Mother Nature. It is now available in the shop.


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