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Pur Ferment Juice back in stock

Pur Ferment Saft wieder auf Lager

The wait is over. Our popular Sagitta Pure Ferment Juice is back in stock. Freshly fermented, it contains 27 active "good" bacterial strains. They support your intestinal flora in staying balanced and returning to a healthy balance in case of disturbances. In this way, they strengthen your immune system.

The Sagitta Pure Ferment Juice is a natural product in organic quality. The valuable ingredients of the herbs used are preserved during fermentation. In addition, easily digestible enzymes, important vitamins, and antioxidants are produced, which the body can utilize well.

Why is the juice so valuable for your intestinal flora?
Processed foods and high hygiene standards reduce the intestinal flora, as sterilizing and disinfecting not only kills pathogens but also valuable good bacteria. This can burden digestion and lower general well-being. Especially the complex immune system relies on an intact intestinal flora. Here, the Sagitta Pure Ferment Juice can provide relief.

Even if you would like to ferment yourself but cannot do it due to lack of time, the Ferment Juice is an easy alternative to enjoy the benefits of fermenting without having to act yourself. You just need to take 30 ml once a day. Done!

Sagitta Immun Cups
Handcrafted Immun Cups as Measuring Cups
Beautiful and practical for measuring and taking are our handcrafted Sagitta + Annika Schüler Immun Cups. Enchanting small clay cups that Annika designed with attention to detail, personally hand-turned on the potter's wheel, and fired at 1,240 degrees Celsius. They hold exactly 30 ml. All cups have a food-safe glaze and are dishwasher safe. You can choose your new favorite cup from three beautiful designs. Grab yours quickly while supplies last.

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