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Innovative jar for our 100 g deodorant

Innovative Tiegel für unser 100 g Deo

Our popular Probiotic Deodorant will soon be available in a 100g jar, as requested by many. Ideal for families. The new jars are significantly larger and unique in Germany as they are made of Vivomer, a natural material formed in the cells of microorganisms such as bacteria. Vivomer is extremely stable during use but begins to decompose once thrown into your garden compost heap. In the compost, the microbes see the Vivomer material as a food source and break down the jar back into its original components.

Shellworks, an innovative BioTech company from England, has developed this sustainable packaging solution that perfectly complements our Probiotic Deodorant. Vivomer is produced through fermentation, the same process used for our Family Pure Ferment Juice. The resulting granules are further developed into pellets with petroleum-free, compostable additives, which are then molded into environmentally friendly jars using injection molding.

The jars can be rinsed and reused after use. As long as they do not end up in the compost, they will retain their shape and remain stable, hygienic, and reusable.

The major advantages of the jars: No plastic, no microplastics - just pure naturalness. And the best part: the jar is fully compostable in the garden.

Innovative and sustainable

At Sagitta, we place great importance on sustainability and are constantly searching for the best packaging solutions. We are the first company in Germany to use jars made of Vivomer. Our Sulapac wooden jars for the compact 45g deodorant were also the first of their kind nationwide upon introduction. This way, at Sagitta, we combine innovation and environmental consciousness, making a small contribution to a more sustainable future.


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