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Sagitta Hand Soap 1911 available from Manufactum

Sagitta Handseife 1911 in Manufactum

Our prebiotic Sagitta Hand Soap 1911 is now also available at Manufactum. Manufactum calls itself "The Department Store of Good Things" and has stores in 11 major German cities.

We were convinced by Manufactum's guidelines, as Manufactum focuses on high quality goods. Originally, longevity, functionality, and timeless aesthetics characterized the quality of the goods, but for many years now, sustainability has been the focus of product selection: "We are convinced that the best way to avoid unnecessary waste is not to let it arise in the first place. That is why for over 30 years we have been offering a conscious counter-design to the throwaway mentality: We search for the good things worth keeping and caring for - environmentally and socially produced, high-quality products that can continue to inspire you even after years of use."

Even though the Sagitta Hand Soap 1911 may not experience "years of use" as it fades away in the hands with frequent use, Manufactum's attitude aligns with our mindset and their range provides a valuable framework for our products.

Interest in Sagitta Products
Manufactum showed great interest in our products from the first contact. The Sagitta Hand Soap 1911 effortlessly met the strict requirements for inclusion. We are delighted that our prebiotic hand soap is now available in 11 local stores, in the catalog, and online at Manufactum.
Since our Probiotic Deodorant performed exceptionally well in all tests, Manufactum was eager to include it in their range. However, the deodorant is heat-sensitive and should always be fresh when purchased. Therefore, we consider it too risky to offer the deodorant through Manufactum, as we would lose control over temperature and storage duration. In the Sagitta shop, we can always ensure the optimal storage and freshness of the deodorant.

For now, the Sagitta Hand Soap 1911 is our only product in Manufactum's range, and we are excited to see how much interest Manufactum customers will show in our hand soap.

Local products with Sagitta Probiotic Deodorant and Hand Soap

Where is the deodorant available in stores?
Locally, it is available at the Nordstern Apotheke in Munich and, brand new, also at the Hofladen "hiesiges" in Lampertsham near Palling, close to Traunreut. There, in the historic column room of the Christandl Hof, you can admire beautiful handicrafts and also buy our deodorant and our traditional Sagitta Hand Soap 1911. The "Hiesige" is definitely worth a little trip. We highly recommend it!

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