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Product preview:Handbag Probiotic

Produktvorschau: Handtaschen-Probiotikum

How can you quickly and easily strengthen the immune system and promote a healthy intestinal flora? We have given this a lot of thought and now, just in time for the start of autumn, we have developed an extremely practical handbag probiotic called "Sagitta Pur Familie 4+" .

The cold wave is rolling on? Have you eaten something that doesn't suit you so well? Do you often travel and don't want to carry a lot with you? Your handbag probiotic is always there when you need it because it is so small and light that it fits perfectly in your handbag. Extremely practical!

Good bacteria, good digestion, strong immune system
As a base oil with five viable microorganisms that are even found in breast milk, it supports you in prevention as well as in acute cases. The"good"bacteria help to bring the intestinal flora into a healthy balance and to keep it. They displace unwanted germs and prevent the penetration of harmful bacteria. They strengthen your immune system and ensure good digestion.

Sagitta Pure Family 4+
The small bottle is quick to hand and you can use the pipette to precisely measure the 14 drops for the daily dose. The content lasts for 30 days, is organic, free of additives, vegan, gluten and lactose free. Also suitable for allergy sufferers.

We recommend Sagitta Pur Family 4+ for adults and children from the age of 4 years.

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