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New deodorant jars coming soon

Demnächst neue Deo-Tiegel

Nothing is more constant than change. And now it's the turn of our beautiful deodorant pots. Our supplier, the Finnish start-up Sulapac, has discontinued the usual jars for our aluminum-free probiotic deodorant and redesigned the jars a bit. In the future, they are slightly larger and have a small gradation inside. But don't worry, everything else stays the same. The amount of content and, above all, the price remain unchanged.

In these difficult times with inflation and the energy crisis, we want to provide our customers with reliable support and are not raising the price of the deodorant this year. The changeover will take place over the next three weeks.

Aluminum-free probiotic deodorant

Jars remain compostable
We think the design of the new crucibles is very successful. Of course, they are made of the same material as before:namely wood, even if it is not easy to see at first glance. They are free of microplastics and compostable. This is crucial for us!

As a packaging manufacturer, Sulapac's dream is “…to leave our children a clean planet. Therefore, our design practice is to mimic nature and stay in harmony with it. At Sulapac, we do our best to ensure a better future for everyone.”

We think this vision is great and we can only agree with it, which is why we will continue to fill our deodorant and lip balm in Sulapac's natural and environmentally friendly jars in the future and hope that you will find them just as great as we do.

To the deodorant in the new jar


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