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New:Sagitta Pur Ferment Juice

Fermentierter Saft

Sagitta Pur Ferment is a fermented juice with 24 active good strains of bacteria. As has been proven in many studies, good bacteria strengthen the intestinal flora and thereby support the immune system, which is largely influenced by the intestine.rd.

What is fermentation?
Fermentation is a traditional process that humans have used to naturally preserve food and has been doing so for thousands of years. For example, fermented pickled vegetables ensured the supply of vitamins in winter.

The main task in fermentation is performed by microorganisms, in this case good lactic acid bacteria, which are naturally found on the surface of herbs, fruit and vegetables, in the soil, in water or in the air. Fermentation helps them get the better of the bad bacteria that want to break down and spoil the food. During this process, the good bacteria multiply in large numbers. So fermentation is a highly living process.ahren.

Which substances are produced during fermentation?
During the fermentation for Sagitta Pur Ferment, the natural ingredients of the herbs used are preserved. In addition, easily digestible enzymes, vitamins and antioxidants are produced, which are contained in Pur Ferment juice together with the large number of good bacteria. The body can utilize these valuable substances well.n.

The bacterial cultures in Pur Ferment juice can help the bacteria in the intestinal flora to stay in balance and to find a healthy balance again in the event of disruptions. Because only if they are in a healthy balance can the metabolic processes in the intestine run smoothly and consequently strengthen the immune system.

With 30 ml a day you can actively support your immune system and take precautions to get through the winter healthier. As Successor to our Sagitta Immune Juice it is now available in our shop. Until February 24th, 2023 at an introductory price!

For theSagitta Pure Ferment Juice


Tip: If you would like to ferment yourself but have to keep putting it off due to time constraints, then Sagitta Pur Ferment is a wonderful alternative to enjoy the benefits of fermenting without having to do anything yourself.


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