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Healthy Habits Bundle:How to Properly Deal with Gluten

Healthy Habits-Bundle: Der richtige Umgang mit Gluten

For many years, my family and friends kept coming up with the same issues: Stomach problems, impure skin and the question of why I wasn't losing weight. The doctors could never find anything. Then I happened to read a report about gluten and how sensitive many people are to it. Mind you people who don't have celiac disease!en!

After many discussions on this topic, I was able to convince my husband to try gluten-free food for a while and lo and behold, his skin problems disappeared and suddenly losing weight was easy. The gluten-free diet literally came to the rescue for a friend who was suffering from severe stomach problems and had switched to eating almost exclusively quinoa, the grain of the Incas.

When my mother contracted Hashimoto's and developed heart problems, she also tried a gluten-free diet and lo and behold, the thyroid levels improved significantly and the heart problems were gone after a week. I found these results in the closest family and friends sensational!

Bundled knowledge about gluten

As part of my Healthy Habits mission, I want to share the amazing experiences I've had about the effects of gluten. A Healthy Habits Bundle seemed to me the right medium for this, so we have been working intensively on the Gluten Bundle, the bundled knowledge on the subject of gluten, over the past few months. Now the bundle is finished and the result with video interviews, recipes, a self-check, tips for implementation, a gluten quiz and lots of other information and campaigns is really something completely new. A knowledge bundle that has never existed in this form before.b. Zum Gluten-Bundle

What is gluten anyway?

Gluten is a mixture of proteins that is found in the seeds of many grains and serves as a kind of glue when baking. It ensures that the dough can bind water during kneading and holds together well. At the same time, it also makes the dough more elastic.

But in recent decades, the grain has been heavily genetically modified to get as much gluten as possible. It now has significantly more gluten than it used to, making it easier to bake, but it can now cause a lot of problems in the body.

However, it is not that easy to completely omit gluten. Just the smell of a fresh slice of sourdough bread is wonderful to me. Cut a little thicker, still warm, with generous amounts of alpine butter on top. The idea makes my mouth water. The thought of having to do without it because of gluten, and also cinnamon rolls, cookies, pasta and co. is almost unimaginable. no more beer And that in Bavaria! Forget it! I think a lot of us think the same way. Unhealthy gluten is now everywhere and (unfortunately) also in very, very tasty form.

There is also healthy gluten

But we don't want to demonize gluten at all. Proper handling of gluten is crucial. When putting the bundle together, I realized that I would have liked to have dealt with gluten properly earlier. You can save yourself a lot of suffering if you avoid certain gluten and instead only take the best and healthy gluten with you. Because then you get a better quality of life.

An important factor here is your own attitude: if you don't pay attention to what you shouldn't eat anymore, but to the many and varied foods that you can eat anyway, it becomes much easier to give up gluten'..

My family now lives wheat-free, three of us even gluten-free and have been for a very long time - at least at home we keep it that way. This is often more difficult with invitations and we also make exceptions because nobody here has celiac disease. Eating gluten-free is not an absolute must for us, but it increases well-being to a great extent, especially when the body is sensitive to gluten.

Milling my own grain and baking more bread and pastries is my dream because it gives you more control over the quality. However, there is often a lack of time and we have a few great tips in our bundle.

More well-being and quality of life

By the way: I used to have an uncomfortable bloated stomach after eating. That is now a thing of the past. The quality of life and well-being in our family have suddenly increased due to the more conscious handling of gluten. That inspires me so much that I can really recommend the bundle to you with the utmost conviction.

We are still sponsoring the prize at the moment. We deliberately set it so low that everyone can really afford the bundle.

You too are only two course hours away from more quality of life and well-being. Just take a look at our gluten bundle! 


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