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Dietary fiber is now called fiber

Ballaststoffe heißen jetzt Faserstoffe

Dietary fiber has mutated into a more negative term because dietary fiber was eliminated in the 1960s. Flour, rice and sugar became white, valuable foodstuffs were devalued. Today it is generally known that both soluble fibers from carbohydrates and insoluble fibers such as cellulose and lignin are essential for our digestion and our intestinal bacteria and thus for our well-being.

You should consume at least 30 g, preferably 40 g, of fiber per day. Animal foods make ZERO contribution to this. Only plants and fruit are the suppliers.

A balanced metabolism of glucose and insulin, fewer food cravings, less calorie intake, better cholesterol levels, and a pain-free bowel movement are all good prospects for eating more fruit, vegetables and nuts.


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