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Sabine's personal Top 10 Healthy Habits

Sabines persönliche Top 10 Healthy Habits


Integrating healthy habits into an already crowded everyday life is not always easy. But often it's the small changes that hardly take up any time that keep us fit and balanced.

Here you will find my very personal Top 10 Healthy Habits, which I have successfully integrated into my everyday life. Maybe they inspire you.

1. Use morning light
I drink my morning tea outside in the fresh air or take a little walk with the dog. In the past, in London, I always walked to work or rode my bike.

Background: Morning light has a waking effect on the body. If you fill up on light in the morning, you start the day differently and can fall asleep better in the evening.

Bright light reduces the production of melatonin and improves mood. Less melatonin also means more of the feel-good hormone serotonin. Light therefore creates a better atmosphere and increases motivation.

Healthy Habits Morgenlicht

2. Regular bedtimes
Every day I go to bed at the same time and always get up at the same time. I actually always get tired at the same time. My body has already adapted to this rhythm.

Background: Routine is important for the body. It makes no difference whether you go to bed early or late. Your hormones will thank you and your productivity should increase. The trick: no smartphone in the bedroom.

Research shows that it's healthier to go to bed and wake up at the same time each day. A study by researchers at Duke University Medical Center in Durham (USA) has shown that a regular bedtime is not only beneficial for children but also for adults.

3. Breathwork Breathworkt
When I'm stressed, I do simple breathing exercises to help me relax. Just paying attention to your own breathing will bring improvement. Breathe in deeply and breathe out again long. This simple exercise often reduces stress.

Background: I used to hold my breath and shrug when I was stressed. I also grinded my teeth really badly at night. I wish I had discovered these simple breathing exercises sooner.

4. Eat healthy
Wherever possible, I cut out refined sugar, processed foods like sausage, and white flour, including in pasta and bread. I cook a lot of broth and eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. In addition, buying and growing healthy food is very important.

My advice: In order to keep the blood sugar level in balance, always start with vegetables, then meat or fish and finally rice, potatoes & co.

Background: In our family, food is a high priority. It's not so much about what we eat as it is about the foods we avoid. The balance makes the difference!

5. Linking habits
When I make coffee or tea in the morning, I do some stretching exercises at the same time. Brushing your teeth can also be used for stretching exercises.

Background: Certain habits can easily be linked together. You no longer have to consciously think about it, but instead carry out the associated activity, such as stretching, completely automatically.

Book tip: James Clear explains which habits can easily be linked together in his book "Atomic Habits", which I can highly recommend.
Atomic Habits Buchempfehlung

6. Feel to heal.
When I wake up, I consciously perceive my body and am grateful that nothing hurts. If something hurts me or feels strange, I do something about it.

Background: I often knew inside that something wasn't quite okay, but I didn't do anything about it right away. For example, I've eaten foods that I clearly didn't tolerate well and still ate them over and over again.

I've changed that now. If I have found the original problem, I'm already a step further. I always look for the root cause and go with my gut, because I know my body best.

7. Feeling good with friends
I prefer to spend my time with people I feel good with. When I meet new people, I always ask myself if I feel better or worse after meeting them.

Background: Good feelings have a positive effect on well-being. That's why it's important to find out which friends make you feel good. Spending more time with these friends, like going to the gym, swimming, or just walking together, keeps you fit and more fun together.

Healthy Habits Gut fühlen

8. Dancing
My favorite way to get out of a tense situation is to listen to music and dance to it. It also works wonderfully with my children. And the movements keep me fit at the same time.

Background: Dancing combines movement with music and creates many different stimuli that train the brain on several levels. In addition, when dancing, the body releases the happiness hormones dopamine and endorphin and lowers the level of the hormone cortisol in the blood. This relieves the body of stress. Dancing also promotes the formation of new nerve cells into old age and reduces the risk of developing dementia by around 20 percent.

9. More exercise
Instead of riding up and down in the elevator, I always take the stairs. I walk to work and hold meetings while walking. In the office I sit on a ball instead of a chair. That's how I keep moving.

Background: Humans are made to move. You should get up every 20 minutes to get something to drink. If you drink more, you have to go to the toilet more often and move again.

10. Drink water
I drink a glass of water first thing in the morning and carry my water bottle with me everywhere. But I'm still working hard on this healthy habit. Drinking more sounds so easy, but it's not so easy for me to always stick to it..

Background: We all drink far too little. Never turn down a glass of water', I received as a tip on this subject during my time in London. Refusing a glass of water out of politeness is not a good idea. You're often grumpy or have a slight headache just because you haven't had enough to drink. Water is good for the skin, metabolism and digestion. It also strengthens the immune system. Water is a real all-rounder!!

These are now, in a nutshell, the most important healthy habits that are currently part of my daily routine. Which healthy habits have you integrated into your life Which ones work, where are you still struggling Which ones can you recommend? I would be so happy to hear about your healthy habits. Write me here in the comments.r. 


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