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happy friday

Happy Friday! Are you ready for September We have some great links for you to make your day a bit happier..

Find out more about a newborn photo with the 1,616 IVF needles that led to her birth.

There is no shame in taking care of your mental health.

Is coconut oil good for you or not?

Arnold Schwarzenegger's brilliant response to a fan suffering from depression goes viral.

Women are apparently freezing their eggs in their mid-20s now.

Quick reminder that drinking alcohol isn't good for you.

What a beautiful representation of motherhood.

The curious psychology of hate-following people online explained.

The 7 foods a cardiologist wants you to have to start eating.

Why do we still read self-help books?

New study among senior Singaporeans suggests happiness may be the key to longevity.

Brain oscillations may help explain how the brain processes language.


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