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Books I have recently read

The first book on the left 'Heal with the power of nature' (sadly I think it has not yet been translated) is probably one of the best books I have read on keeping yourself healthy in a more natural, preventative way. Most importantly there is no scaremongering people into a more healthy lifestyle which I find a lot of other books about health can do. Also everything Dr Michalsen advises is not only the natural way but also has been proven by numerous studies. This book has a level headed approach to health which is based on years of experience. I can highly recommend this book to everyone who is interested in living a healthy and happy life.

The Dental Diet by Dr. Steven Lin (also available in German -Mouth healthy) this book is actually rather scary in the sense that teeth and dental heath play a much bigger role for our overall health than we anticipate, also it will defy pretty much anything you know about dental health. It re-enforces the fact that diet is probably the biggest factor for our dental health, ie not oral hygiene as previously thought. I really enjoyed reading this book and I feel it has massively changed how I bring up my girls: what I put on the table, how strict I am on the sweets and other sugars and it has reinforced our dental routine. I am actually grateful for this book, it's packed full of great advice and new surprisingly yummy recipes that also do your teeth a favour.


Book number three'The healing code of nature' - I have only just started but I am really enjoying where this is going. I personally need to be in nature to be healthy and happy, this books shows that nature can be a form of medication and prevention agains even serious illnesses. It reminds me a little of the book 'Last Child in the Woods' which highlights that modern technology and pharmaceuticals are by no means the answer to everything. Those books make me see nature in much more powerful light and are making me try much harder to show my children the beauty and healing power of the outdoors.


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