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happy friday

Happy Friday! Did you know this week was Stress Awareness Day Some of our links might help you take a better care of mental health..

Here's a selection of great resources on managing stress.

An interesting app to track your moods, hormones and cycle - moody month.

How meditation might help you winter workouts.

7 tips on how to deal with stress.

Need a flu shot? Get it now.

Melatonin and root causes of poor sleep.

Let's Talk! it's a first event which is tackling Global stigmas surrounding women's health.

The New York Times invited readers to ask questions about all things science.

Here's what might happen when we start intuitive eating.

A practical guide to getting over winter blues.

All Apple employees now get standing desks.

Here's what it's like to experience menopause at 42.

What's a book that changed your life?


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