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About Immune

Here at Sagitta we know how much it sucks to catch a virus or become sick in any way and in the colder months virus' thrive which is why we catch them more frequently than in the summer. Part of the reason we exist is to make the products that we want and need, and one of our special products is Sagitta Immun, a specially formulated series of products that work together (or individually) to boost your immune system over the colder months when you're more susceptible to catching these illnesses'.

Our immune systems can take a toll from poor diet lacking all the nutrients that our bodies benefit from, to preservatives in ready-to-eat foods, and even aging can have a negative impact on your gut flora, which is where your immune system lives . We designed Immune to support good health and to boost your immune defense for the cold and flu season, and we've recently launched another new product as part of the family which acts as a more on demand style product which you can take as and when it's needed when you feel a tickly throat and signs of a cold coming on. That being said, we've never written about our products in a post before, so we thought we'd tell you a bit about each of the products and how they work.


Sagitta Immune Syrup is a dietary supplement with naturally fermented ingredients. The bacterial strains in the syrup can help to maintain and restore the balance of intestinal flora while other components promote growth of cohabiting good bacteria. Having a healthy intestinal balance hugely impacts the smooth functioning of your metabolic processes and acts to support the remarkably complex immune system. We recommend that people take Immun Syrup in the mornings for four weeks.


Similarly to the Syrup the Powder is also a supplement made from naturally fermented ingredients that promotes good bacteria in the digestive system, helping out your intestinal flora. The powder mixes with water to turn into a drink, and we recommend taking this in the evening, for four weeks (alongside the syrup in the evening).


Sagitta immune Capsules are a comprehensive supplement that enhances and maintains support for a healthy immune system, once the syrup and powder have worked their magic.The capsules include vitamins B6 and B12, as well as folic acid which are not only helpful for your immune system but can also lead to being less likely to suffer from depression which we're all more likely to get to a degree from over the winter months.


Sagitta Akut is a liquid filled with 8 organic Alpine Herb extracts designed to be the first defense against a virus. In autumn when you get a little scratchy, tickly throat and you know something is coming on we've designed these 6 little shots to be taken. The plant extracts give your immune system a boost and the vitamin B3 and zinc will help it keep ticking over nicely and should help prevent a cold or sore throat from taking grip.


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