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happy friday

Happy Friday! How are your Christmas preparations going? We hope you find a little bit of time to relax with our links. Merry Christmas from our team!!

The holidays are an excellent time to do whatever you want.

What we learned in 2018: health and medicine.

Here are 5 rituals to ring in winter.

Check out this vegan flow in a biodegradable packaging.

The appointments even healthy people should make once a year.

Children who live with cats and dogs when they are infants are less likely to develop allergies later in childhood.

Check out these healthy eating hacks.

The perfect ways to get fit– in 20 seconds, an hour or six months.

The most important thing you can do to fight climate change.

7 reasons you can't get rid of that runny nose all winter.

Seven ways to cope with social anxiety this party season.

Here's how to plan your 2019 goals and resolutions.


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