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happy friday

Happy Friday! And Happy New Year. We hope you had a wonderful Christmas break and you're starting 2019 full of motivation and happiness. Here are some links from last week.

Maura Gatti illustrated the best news of 2018.

5 healthy habits to adopt this year.

4 simple words to help you live well.

These books might help you to stay sober.

Where doulas calm nerves and bridge cultures during childbirth.

The letters opticians use on eye charts is now an elegant typeface.

Here is why and how to support your liver.

Researchers are learning, a cluttered home can be a stressful home.

Find out how our microbes makes us who we are.

Low-calorie sweeteners are no better for weight loss than sugar.

Are meat substitutes actually bad for you?

Here are some favourites Healthy recipes of 2018.


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