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happy friday

Happy Friday! It's that time of the week again when we have some interesting links for you. Enjoy your reading.

Look at this cute video of a dad singing to his daughter.

Here's a skeptical guide to meditation.

Check out this TED talk about the magical science of storytelling.

Here's how to remove a tick.

This hot tub hammock is the definition of relaxation.

Did you know that dads can breastfeed as well?

Here's how to fight fatigue.

Find out what hypnagogia is and why it is a key to creativity.

What to do when you feel just empty?

A study has shown that every person has a unique brain anatomy.

Check out The Gentlewoman's online back catalog of interviews with inspiring women.

If you would like to find a friend from different part of the world, check out the Perfect Strangers Project.


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