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Christmas Shortbread

Weihnachtliches Buttergebäck

Anyone who bakes cookies in the run-up to Christmas brings the Christmas spirit into their home, as the scent of Christmas spices permeates every room. Christmas cookies come in every variation imaginable. Esther, our dear photographer, baked and photographed a particularly delicious variant for us: Christmas shortbread based on a recipe by Theresa Baumgärtner. Rolled out very finely, cut out with Christmas shapes and lovingly decorated, they taste simply heavenly!

Here is the recipe:

“It tastes very finely rolled out
he shortcrust pastry is simply the best.
We have a new one every year
small cookie cutter to go with it."
Theresa comments on the recipe. Esther sends us beautiful pictures of her homemade shortbread. They really make you want Christmas cookies.


You can find more of Esther's magical pictures on Instagram: @ourlifeinthealps
There are more Christmas baking recipes from Theresa, also on Instagram: @hazelnut_house_1851



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