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✓ For abdominal cramps
✓ For bladder infections
✓ For menstrual pain
✓ Made from 100% organic cotton
✓ Handcrocheted exclusively for Muse

We firmly believe in the effectiveness of hot water bottles and the science agrees with us: for abdominal cramps, bladder infections and menstrual cramps, clinical studies have clearly shown that hot water bottles are as effective as painkillers. And the best thing is: they have no unwanted side effects.


Our cuddly soft two-tone hot water bottle covers are hand-crocheted exclusively for MUSE. On one side they are patterned black-beige and on the other side nude-beige. The busy crocheters are the sisters Julia and Lilly from Bavaria.


For the warming beauties, the sisters use the crochet yarn Organico from Lana Grossa, which is made from 100% of the best organic cotton. A noble, classic yarn that Lana Grossa only has produced in the leading spinning mills in Italy.t.


The hot water bottle itself is white and made of natural rubber. It is manufactured as a continuous body, without a glued-in neck piece and without additional seams.



Capacity 2 liters




If you have stomach cramps, a bladder infection or menstrual pain, the first thing to do is to use a proven home remedy: your MUSE hot water bottle. Cuddly soft and cozy and warm, you will soon no longer feel the pain. With this healthy habit, you can spare your body many painkillers including side effects and still feel pain-free yourself.


Useful knowledge on the side: Pain from abdominal cramps, cystitis or menstruation is caused by reduced blood flow and stretching of the internal organs, discovered the physiologists led by Brian King from University College London. Since the tissue is damaged in the process, pain receptors are activated and the person feels pain. However, if the skin near the source of pain is heated to over 40 degrees Celsius, so-called heat receptors activate. These heat receptors can block the pain sensors so that the pain is no longer felt. The researchers presented these results back in 2006 at the annual meeting of the Physiological Society in London.



Fill the hot water bottle about two-thirds full with hot water and seal tightly. For adults, the water temperature can be up to 60 degrees Celsius, for children only up to 40 degrees Celsius. The unfilled space in the hot water bottle is for any water vapor that rises from hot water and expands. Please never use boiling water, as this creates a lot of steam, which can cause the hot water bottle to burst and cause scalding.


Turn the filled and closed hot-water bottle upside down over the sink to check whether the hot-water bottle is sealed.


Never place the hot water bottle on your skin without the protective MUSE hot water bottle cover as this can cause burns.


Tip: Be careful not to scald your fingers when filling. Sometimes the hot-water bottle fills up faster than you think, and then the water runs out and wets your fingers. If you want to be on the safe side, you should wear rubber gloves when filling.