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Alufreies Deodorant
Alufreies Deodorant
Alufreies Deo
Alufreies Deo
Alufreies Deodorant
Alufreies Deo



38,00 €
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✓ Family pack
✓ The first deodorant with living microorganisms
✓ Without aluminum & Co.
✓ Freshly made several times a week
✓ Completely odorless

The Sagitta Probiotic Deodorant is now also available in the family pack with 100 g!

It is the first cream deodorant with live microorganisms. The probiotic bacterial strains can help the delicate underarm skin to restore its biological balance and neutralize odors. Because only well-cared-for skin with a natural, intact skin barrier regulates sweat production and can effectively prevent it. The result is an odor-free and dry underarm - all without aluminum, alcohol, preservatives, and perfumes. The deodorant itself is also odorless.


Our probiotic deodorant is freshly made several times a week. It has been dermatologically tested on sensitive skin in a clinical study and has received the "Very good" certificate.To ensure that several family members can hygienically remove the deodorant, you can order a small wooden spatula for free.


The beautiful jar containing the Sagitta Probiotic Deodorant is made of Vivomer, a natural material formed in the cells of microorganisms such as bacteria. It is free of microplastics and even compostable.


Content 100 g


Organic farming

The Sagitta Probiotic Deodorant contains only seven (!) ingredients. They are all so natural that even allergy sufferers, pregnant women, and nursing mothers can use it without hesitation.


The ingredients come from controlled organic farming and are sustainable and palm oil-free. Of course, we do without all chemical additives, heavy metals, pesticides, preservatives, parabens, and microplastics.




Pay attention to your deodorant to ensure it does not contain harmful ingredients such as aluminum. Many aluminum-free deodorants, however, are ineffective by midday, leading to sweat and unpleasant odors. But it doesn't have to be that way. The probiotic deodorant from Sagitta supports an intact skin barrier and can thus prevent sweat formation.


Our deodorant is the first of its kind worldwide, as it contains so-called good bacteria, which are known for their beneficial effects on our gut flora. But they can also have a positive impact on the skin. That's why they are included in ourprobiotic deodorantGood" Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria. As long as the deodorant is not used, they are in a dormant state. When the deodorant cream is applied, the water in the sweat activates these bacteria.


The probiotics are combined with raw materials such as shea butter, potato starch, and coconut oil. That's why you could even eat it, although you probably won't like the taste. Since the deodorant is so healthy, you can simply reapply it during the day if you feel it's necessary. This sometimes happens during the first applications until the skin has adjusted to the change. If you didn't have time to shower, you can simply apply the deodorant like that.


Our tip:If you sweat a lot during the day, try applying deodorant at night. This allows the active ingredients to work more intensively with your body, making the deodorant more effective during the day.


You can also order the deodorant by phone on 08091 9374 Monday to Friday in the morning.



Shea butter, potato starch, coconut oil, baking soda, beeswax, effective microorganisms, natural vitamin E


INI INCI: Butyrospermum Parkii, Solanum Tuberosum Starch, Cocos Nucifera Oil, Sodium Bicarbonate, Cera Alba, Probiotics, Tocopherol


The most important ingredients work like this


Microorganisms (Probiotics): The so-called "good" bacteria for the probiotic deodorant consist of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium species, which are found throughout the body and help to restore the balance of the skin flora, which is often disrupted by showering and aluminum.


Shea butter Shea butter is extracted from the fruits of the shea tree, which grows in Africa. The seeds are processed into a butter-like plant fat in traditional handwork, which contains a high amount of skin-friendly fatty acids and vitamin E. Shea butter provides the skin with a lot of moisture and relieves the feeling of dry and irritated skin.


Vitamin E Vitamin E is a collective term for fat-soluble substances, including tocopherol used here. It helps protect the skin and repair damage to the skin barrier. Along with vitamins A and C, vitamin E belongs to the antioxidants, whose task is to protect the skin from free radicals.


Apply an amount about the size of a hazelnut to clean, dry skin and massage it in extensively. Then it spreads thinly, nourishes the skin, and supports the "good" bacteria in their work. One jar should last at least four weeks.

If you have been using an aluminum-containing deodorant for a long time, the regeneration and care of the skin may take a few days. Therefore, we ask for some patience and perseverance.





Among the eight favorites in the testMagazine "Vogue"Is thisProbiotic deodorant from Sagitta the No. 1!


Probiotic deodorant? But of course: Because even the skin under the arms can get out of balance, more often than we think. The microorganisms combined with potato starch, shea butter, and coconut oil help regenerate and neutralize odors. A tip from Stefan and Sabine Fasching, the faces behind the brand, is not only to use the deodorant in the morning: 'Try a nightly deodorant application. This allows the active ingredients to work with your body to be more effective.'




Even after a day of dancing at a daytime festival at 25 degrees, I still smell fresh ... I stick with it!

Product review in the magazine "GirlfriendWelcome to our online store!


"Don't give up even at 37 degrees in the shade!"

Product review in the magazineBrigitte





It is actually the first deodorant that I (so far!) tolerate without any problems. I get red spots from all the others, which then itch terribly. I am really happy that I found you. I have been searching for so long and have expensive deodorants lying around at home, so I am just happy to have found the right one.

Gabriele R.


Your deodorant has really changed my quality of life, I wanted to give you this feedback. I had already given up hope, had tried out countless brands, and finally found what I was looking for with you. Finally, no more unpleasant body odor!
Michele H.


I got to know your deodorant when my wife simply brought a small sample from an enthusiastic friend here in Chiemgau. It's simply amazing: such a brilliant deodorant!!! I really had no expectations and was all the more positively surprised. Natural ingredients and everything stays fresh all day long. I didn't think I would find something like this again!! Will keep an eye on you and recommend if the opportunity arises.
Florian B.


I am already a convinced user! It works great! And since I am allergic to various fragrances, I am also thrilled that it is completely odorless. Everyone received it from me for Christmas this year.
Agi W.


I have been using it for about 1 year now and I am completely thrilled!!! I have used so many other deodorants before and then always resorted back to aluminum-containing products "when it mattered," reluctantly accepting the moderate effectiveness and yellow stains of other products in everyday life - now I have finally found the perfect deodorant!!!


I have been using your deodorant for a while now and I love it! It is the only natural deodorant that really works and totally convinces! The sustainable packaging is also great and looks visually appealing in the bathroom. Thank you for your great work!
Anna H.


Deo ohne Aluminium

 AExtract from the magazineNature and Healing



How do I apply the probiotic deodorant from Sagitta?
Our deodorant, a cream made from shea butter, coconut oil, and natural vitamin E, is applied thinly and generously under the armpit and massaged in. Especially after washing, it nourishes your sensitive skin.


No, there is NO aluminum in the Sagitta probiotic deodorant?
Correct, but we have also avoided all other harmful substances. Preservatives, perfumes or fragrances, silver ions, aluminum - our deodorant doesn't need any of that. In our opinion, it also doesn't make sense to rub or spray these sometimes highly irritating substances on one of the most sensitive parts of the body.


Our Sagitta Probiotic Deodorant is made from raw materials that can all also be found in food. It can hardly be more compatible and sustainable.


A probiotic cosmetic is a preparation that contains living microorganisms. While probiotic food for a healthy intestinal flora has been around for a long time, probiotic skincare is still quite new. The mode of action is similar: we introduce living GOOD bacteria in the form of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium species into our probiotic deodorant, which are present throughout the body and can help regenerate the skin flora.


To ensure they can perform their job well, we continuously produce the deodorant fresh and limit the shelf life of the deodorant to six months.


What is special about probiotics?
Without microbes such as bacteria, a person cannot live. Thousands of strains of bacteria help us in digestion, strengthen our immune defense, and build a protective shield on the skin. The sum of all microbes is called the microbiome. Incorrect nutrition, preservatives, or detergents weaken the microbiome significantly. Good bacterial strains like Lactobacilli can modulate the microbiome and thus support regeneration.


How does the deodorant smell?
Since our probiotic deodorant does not contain perfumes or fragrances, it is odorless. Perfume and fragrances, in our understanding, do not belong to the sensitive area under the armpit. And not only our female customers appreciate this, many men who use the deodorant also value the neutral scent.


Why do you have potato starch, baking soda, and beeswax in the deodorant in addition to shea butter, coconut oil, and natural vitamin E?
Potato starch is a prebiotic and therefore food for the bacteria. Baking soda, in the small amounts used, keeps the pH value in the correct range, and beeswax is needed as a consistency agent so that the bacteria and starch in the deodorant are evenly distributed. More ingredients are not necessary and not desired.


Is the deodorant well tolerated?
A clinical study on particularly sensitive-skinned women and men has rated our deodorant as "very good". And so far, the feedback from our customers has been simply fantastic: from extremely satisfied to thrilled. The deodorant has real fans!


Is there anything else to consider when using the application?
Yes, if you have been using an aluminum-containing deodorant for a long time, the regeneration and care of the skin can take two to four weeks. The skin may also need a few days to adjust to a different aluminum-free deodorant. A little patience is sometimes required during the initial application.


The jar looks great. Where does it come from?
He comes from Shellworks, an English start-up. The jar is made of Vivomer, a natural material formed in the cells of microorganisms, such as bacteria. Vivomer is produced through fermentation. The same process is also used for our family's Pure Ferment Juice. The granules that are produced are further developed into pellets with petroleum-free, compostable additives, which are then molded into environmentally friendly jars using injection molding.

Can I simply compost the jar?

Simply put it in the organic waste bin. Large composting facilities operated by municipalities process organic waste like the jar residue-free under heat and pressure, in smaller facilities it is sorted out and undergoes emission-free incineration. Your home compost heap will also compost it, it just takes a little longer.