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Sagitta's story begins in 1909, when the Fasching family took over Munich's oldest pharmacy and thus established a new pharmacy tradition with the first of six generations of pharmacists. Just two years later, the first line of over-the-counter medicines emerged and was in high demand under the brand name Sagitta a company that grew and prospered for over 80 years until its sale to BASF-Pharma in 1994. For over two decades, BASF held the Rights to the brand name Sagitta until 2014 when the Fasching family had the opportunity to buy the brand again. Today, Sagitta is run by a father-daughter team, Stefan and Sabine. As a trained pharmacist, Stefan has many years of experience in the industry. Stefan and Sabine resumed the business while remaining true to their roots. Their approach is to combine proven formulas with new, advanced techniques and ingredients. The focus is on maintaining an intact microbiome.s. The company's original core values of transparency, trustworthiness and innovation have remained the same.n.


„I grew up with happy family relationships in a country with an excellent healthcare system. Even in the middle of the night you could always call a specialist who would put your worries at ease or provide a quick diagnosis. I still appreciate those little pieces of advice that really changed everything for me. With Sagittamed, I want to share the knowledge that my family has gathered over the years with others.”

- Sabine Fasching



Sagitta is for everyone who prefers prevention to healing. For people who value the long-term preservation of their health and are not simply looking for a quick remedy, as well as for those who are impartial to all currents of medicine.

We believe that health is the result of a healthy lifestyle, our many small daily positive choices that make up our overall well-being. Imagine they are the building blocks to your best self. It's the small details that make the big picture.

With thousands of different opinions and choices, making decisions about your family's health can be a real challenge these days. We want to help you find your way in this jungle of information. Knowledge is power in the pursuit of the best of health and making an informed decision to truly understand what is in the products that your skin and body absorb and to know that all active ingredients used are of the highest quality possible, is extremely important.g.

We hope to help open up conversations about health, including those ailments that we all struggle with from time to time but often prefer to keep to ourselves - menstrual cramps, bladder weakness, fungal infections, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, all such things. We want to approach these issues from a new, positive perspective, using a precautionary approach and working to ensure that conditions that might otherwise seem difficult are seen as normal.n.

Coming from a long line of pharmacists, we have many years of experience and knowledge based on clinical studies and research in the field of microbiology. While we have produced many pharmaceutically engineered products over six generations, the power of natural and health-preserving medicine is something we build on. And so, by consciously bridging the gap between conventional medicine and sensible alternative, for example plant-based medicine, we offer you the best of both worlds.

We not only want to provide you with products that are designed in such a way that they stimulate your body's natural self-healing powers, but also want to impart knowledge to you. In the form of tips and advice, we hope to share simple everyday routines to stay healthy that may enable you to find your balance, live better, and take more charge of your health.



To support the body's own healing powers, we strive for a holistic and harmonious approach to health and skin care. The skin is our largest organ and its barrier function is exposed to many influences. That's why we've created a collection of no-fuss yet efficient products made from natural ingredients that are gentle on your skin and kind to our planet.

Less is more is our motto when it comes to skin caree and we want to help you simplify your daily grooming routine by avoiding too much variety and overly complicated application forms. Our products are developed according to a clear, minimalist concept. Due to their naturalness, they are even suitable for sensitive skin. Our goal is as little packaging as possible and, if necessary, degradable, recyclable or sustainable.



Humans cannot live without probiotics. Probiotics are the good, beneficial bacteria your body is familiar with. Thousands of good strains of bacteria help us with digestion, strengthen our immune system and form a protective shield on the skin. Wrong nutrition, preservatives and aggressive cleaning agents massively weaken these endogenous helpers, but the good news is that we can counteract this damage with probiotics alone - fortunately without any side effects. We also work with prebiotics, which are natural sugars that the good bacteria feed on and provide a healthy environment in which to settle down and do their good deeds.

In 2017 we developed the world's first probiotic deodorant. We used live strains of good bacteria to create a product that works in harmony with your body. To preserve the integrity of the living ingredients, our deodorant is produced in small batches. With maximum freshness, the living probiotics contained strengthen the skin flora and thus prevent odors and excessive sweating in a particularly gentle way. Since it contains neither aluminum nor silver or harmful ingredients, the microbiome remains intact and the skin in top condition.

With all our pre- and probiotic products, we want to encourage people to consciously promote the body's natural processes and to strengthen the immune system and metabolism.



Our goal is to foster a symbiotic relationship with our planet. That's why we use the most sustainable options wherever possible. As with everything we do, we support a deeper connection with and responsibility for nature and have developed our packaging with sustainability in mind.

When designing the packaging for our deodorant, we teamed up with Finnish start-up Sulapac, who develop fully biodegradable and microplastic-free packaging solutions using FSC-certified wood chips and natural binders.

Wherever we can, we use glass bottles with writing printed directly on them, and all our organic soaps are wrapped in handmade recycled paper, along with washable soap pouches made from repurposed fabric, in partnership with re-tüten. When you order from us, the goods are delivered in recycled cardboard, protected with paper packing tape.


company history

1909 - A family tradition is established.

The Fasching family takes over the oldest pharmacy in Munich. A new pharmacist tradition is established: the fifth generation is dedicated to the profession of pharmacist to this day.

1911 - Registration of the SAGITTA logo

The spin-off of individual preparations from the production of the pharmacy leads to the sale of over-the-counter preparations under the company name SAGITTA, which was registered in the same year.

1959/60 - Move to first own building

The demand for SAGITTA preparations such as SAGITTA cough drops and SAGITTA syrup is constantly increasing, as is the number of employees. In 1944 there were already 120 employees. After moving to larger rented premises years ago, the company finally moved into its first own building on the Frankfurter Ring in Munich in 1960.

1972 - SAGITTA new building in Feldkirchen

In order to create optimal manufacturing conditions, a modern SAGITTA company building is being built in Feldkirchen. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), the basic rules of the World Health Organization for the manufacture of medicines and for ensuring their quality, are already taken into account during planning and execution, without being a requirement at the time.

1976 Specialization in genericsa

SAGITTA launches the first generic diclofenac gel.

1994 Sale of all SAGITTA products and the brand to BASFF

The business will continue at both locations as contract manufacturers for customers such as Novartis, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Ratiopharm, Sanofi, Hexal.

2014 - SAGITTAmed is born.

Stefan and Sabine Fasching buy back the SAGITTA brand. The Internet platform SAGITTAmed is launched. From now on, SAGITTA preparations will be sold in pharmacies and online. Visitors to the internet platform also receive tips and tricks about their health.