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Microbiome – preserve diversity

Mikrobiom – Vielfalt bewahren

„Research and thus knowledge of the microbiome as a whole of all microorganisms that naturally colonize the human body is the key to a new understanding of health and disease. These were the core statements of a current training course for pharmacists in Kiel..

Such events are hopeful, as they show that science is increasingly recognizing the importance of the human, our microbiome, which, like our fingerprint, makes us unique. We could not live without our armies of helpers in the mouth/nose/ears, intestines and skin and without us our microbiome would not exist. But we put a strain on our helpers: Each dose of antibiotics, sometimes absolutely necessary, also damages our good bacteria, too many antibiotics in animal feed, preservatives in convenience foods, an unbalanced diet with too much sugar, fat, white flour and not enough vegetables, fruit and nuts reduce them Diversity of microorganisms - all of this makes us more susceptible to allergies, chronic diseases, obesity and much more, which is noticeable, measurable and fact. Then why do we find it so difficult to do something concrete about it A lot of money is spent in our healthcare system and in order to use the funds in a targeted, comprehensible and efficient way, they are only used for proven effectiveness, for example for clinically tested drugs . In extremely complex systems such as the connection between the microbiome and allergies, chronic diseases, etc., this proof of the effectiveness of measures or means not only costs enormous sums of money, but also takes a very long time. In the meantime, paths that have already been taken can only be turned around slowly and with difficulty. Measures such as protecting insects, turning to renewable energy, designating protected areas, restricting fishing and other exploitations are steps in the right direction, but also show how difficult it is for us to change habits, especially when they have an economic impact. To ensure that irretrievable facts are not created along these long paths, that bacterial species die out and bacterial communities disappear, MICROBIOTA VAULT was started by KLS Kiel Life Science at Christian Albrecht University in Kiel. There, essential components of the microbiomes of specific, original population groups that are still unaffected by the industrial way of life are obtained and preserved. This microorganism storage initiative is currently looking for geographically suitable, politically stable locations and is testing the preservation of the microbiomes through freeze drying, for example.ung. 

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The dependence of humans on their microbiome and the dependence of the microbiome on their humans is recognized. A start has been made. Research will increasingly shed light on the complex interrelationships with our microbiome and find ways and means to improve them. This results in measures to treat the causes of diseases where today at best symptoms can be improved. But that takes time. On the other hand, each of us can help to increase the pace, through many small measures, by adapting our daily habits to our own health, to our own well-being and thus to improve the whole.


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