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happy friday

Happy Friday! We have some links for you to warm your heart this weekend for World Heart Day tomorrow. Which includes an article on the incredible image above - a photo of a single atom that won a national science photography competition. Enjoy the read and we'll see you next week.
Find out more about World Heart Day.

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Here's a natural cold remedy in case you are feeling under the weather today.

Read a response to DesignMom's post on abortion.

Ten minutes of exercise a day improves memory.

Your gut is directly connected to your brain by a newly discovered neuron circuit.

The couple who helped decode dyslexia.

9 things you should know before taking supplements.

If you have ever thought about getting breast implants, think again.

New wristband warns when you've been in the sun too long.

This picture of a single atom winsScience Photo Contest.

Does anyone know if coffee is good or bad for your health?

Where are the other women, the ones who look more like us?


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