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Happy Friday!

We hope you've been enjoying the heatwave if you're in Europe, and that you've been following our tips for keeping healthy in the sun! It's that time of the week again for a good read of some good news. Happy Friday!

Scientists say there may be 6 types of sleepers, from 'night owls' to 'woodcocks'.

Why is there so much pressure to be "summer ready"? 

New research confirms gut-brain connection in autism.

Talking to strangers may be good for your health.

These are the golden rules for a tip top metabolism.

What did you see on your run?

Check out a subway map of human anatomy.

This is how the brain reacts when you eat turmeric every day.

Why spend just two hours a week in nature is good for you.

This study measured thousands of people's reactions to different foods to develop individualised, preventive medicine.


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