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happy friday

With the sad news of two very high profile people taking their own lives last week, we felt it was important that this weeks left should focus on mental health as its just as vital as physical health.

Why suicide isn't selfish.

How to actually reach out if your friend is struggling with their mental health.

12 people share their tips on getting through panic attacks.

If you experience anxiety, take deep breaths in sync with this GIF.

When it comes to suicide, Awkward conversations can save lives.

Read these 5 lessons learned after mental health treatment.

Lavendaire created a series of videos on creating a life you love.

Check out this simple and easy to use app thattrack your mood, act as a diary and a journal.

These shampoo bars could replace the 552 million shampoo bottles we throw out annually.

This is why you should make useless things.

Bottle feeding is a woman's right.

Check out this podcast about inspiring women talking about their approach to life and career.

An animated history of light.


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