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happy friday

How amazing is it that this is our 100th Happy Friday That means we've been sharing good vibes with you for 100 weeks without fail. We hope that this little link pack of ours is able to shine a light on the good stuff going on in the world cause all too often it's overlooked. We hope you have a very, very happy Friday and a most spectacular weekend to go with it. Here's to the next 100!!

A new study has found that we might not be applying enough sunscreen for it to be effective.

Teenager's bridge notes 'help save six lives' in Sunderland.

It's possible to heal Cervical Dysplasia CIN 3 naturally.

This spinning jellyfish will put a smile on your face!

Being healthy isn't a contest, so stop trying to win it.

Here's how to make your own apple cider vinegar - it improves digestion and helps good health.

If you're not sure which menstrual cup to choose, take this simple quiz.

Doctors at the US National Cancer Institute have cured a woman with advanced-stage terminal breast cancer!

Here's a great app that rates clothing brands on their ethics and allows you to shop more sustainably.

Watch this Ted talk on where joy hides and how to find it.

The FDA just approved the first new endometriosis pill in a decade.

A new study has found that heat waves might actually make it harder for you to think straight.

Moody asks 9 people to share their personal experiences with hormonal health.

Aiga Raleigh is looking for submissions to design cards for kids in hospital to be able to give to loved ones.


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