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Happy Friday

Happy Friday! Halloween is next week - have you made any plans already? In the meantime check out our happy links.

Movember: the Trojan Horse for men’s health.

Can’t sleep? Perhaps you’re overtired.

Here’s why you’re not able to take a compliment.

Why we all need to think beyond pink ribbons this month.

Photographer Flora Maclean changes the way mental health looks online.

Sunshine helps kill germs indoors.

Everyone is drinking celery juice — but is it healthy?

A new study confirms microplastics find their way into our gut.

These powerful mastectomy tattoos on Instagram are everything.

Even a 10-minute walk may be good for the brain.

Can eating organic food lower your cancer risk?

Breastfeeding rate declines in England as advice goes unheeded.

Check out this cool project that helps you track your habits: The Every Day Calendar.


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