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happy friday

Happy Friday! This week was World Breastfeeding Week. We found some great links covering the topic and much more.

check out this mini parenting masterclass on breastfeeding.

The NHS will offer free pelvic floor trainers to treat incontinence.

Can we believe it's 2018 and we are still discussing breastfeeding vs formula?

Check out the Dear Human Project and write a letter to a complete stranger.

Hundreds of mothers attended a mass breastfeeding event in the Philippines.

Please can we stop asking women if they are pregnant?

How one mom is changing a town's law on breastfeeding in public.

Find out if natural deodorant really works.

Breastfeeding mom has a great response when asked to cover upp”.

Are your friendships giving you a boost or bringing you down?

29 things nobody tells you about breastfeeding.

Johnson&Johnson owes 3.57 billion in ovarian cancer casee.

10 reasons why Breastfeeding is good for you.


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