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Our aluminum-free deodorant is a favorite in"Vogue"

Deo ohne Aluminium
Vogue magazine regularly tests aluminum-free deodorants. The large selection of deodorants makes you sweat, says editor Beatrice Graf, who presents a fine selection of the currently best deodorants on

Our Sagitta Probiotic Deodorant has been a favorite for over three years. 1st place in 2019, 4th place in 2022:

Sagitta Probiotic Deodorant Deodorant without aluminium
"Probiotic deodorant? But yes, yes:because the armpit skin can also get out of balance, and more often than we think. The microorganisms in combination with potato starch, shea butter and coconut oil ensure regeneration and neutralize odors..."

You can read the full article in Vogue here .

We are proud that our deodorant without aluminum is one of the favorites and we are happy about this award! Thank you Vogue!


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